This is the full game with all the stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign in November 2019. The 2nd Printing has some minor updates to the rules and copy. The story/art and game content remains the same.


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Available for the United States & Canada, UK, the EU, Austrailia and New Zealand. Please enquire about other countries.


Spire's End - 2nd Printing

    • 109 Story Cards
    • 12 Instruction Cards
    • 7 Ally Cards
    • 24 Action Cards
    • 3 Eight Sided Dice (1 Red, 2 Black)
    • 4 Custom Six Sided Dice (2 Red, 2 Black)
    • 115 Acrylic Cubes (50 Red, 50 Black,
      9 Clear, 6 Yellow)