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Where it all begins

Spire's End is six ruthless chapters of "choose your path" horror in the form of 128 gigantic playing cards.


From it's inception my goal was to create a gripping interactive card game that places the narrative first. Spire's End is a tense mystery carefully paced with a beginning, middle, and many endings.  

The Enemy

Your foes will fight in a similar fashion, with a few exceptions. They don’t spend Hit Points to perform actions and attacks. Their actions are determined by the Action Deck, which indicates what they will do.


Each enemy you will face has different hooks and mechanics to make them interesting. Some may even have a story branch that triggers in the midst of battle!

These are some of the enemies you may encounter!


the look

The intent was to make it feel like something tucked away in the closet for decades that you just discovered. Admittedly with some modern aesthetics…It was determined early on that red would be the only color to rip into the cards.


Keep the colors harsh, raw, and unforgiving.


Push your luck, with Agency

The hook is simple. In combat, you perform actions at a cost. That cost is your character's hit points. Every action is a risk. To execute stronger attacks you will need to spend more hit points, which in turn leaves you weak and vulnerable. This makes for tense, close, ruthless battles.


Choose your actions carefully! 

The Allies

At the time of the "Event" only a handful avoided capture. We know of eight. Hopefully, in time, more will be uncovered.

*Please note that Marin is not included in the base game. 


What's in the Box?

• 109 Gigantic Story Cards (6.5 x 3.5 inches)        • 12 Instruction Cards

• 7 Ally Cards       • 24 Action Cards       • 3 Eight Sided Dice (Red & Black)

• 4 Custom Six Sided Dice (Red & Black)

• 115 Acrylic Cubes (50 Red, 50 Black, 9 Clear, 6 Yellow)

How do you Play?

There is no “Instructions Book” per say for this game, the rules are incorporated into the game's story cards. You can download the Instructions Deck Here.


A Choose Your Path Card Game

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