A 1-2 Player Card Game Adventure

Backed 900% on Kickstarter in 2019


A Choose Your Path, Branching Narrative

 Uncover 11 different endings throughout 6 harrowing chapters of bloody horror.

8 Unique Combat Encounters

 Each Enemy has a different game mechanics to make them interesting.

7 Unique Playable Characters

 Each Ally has their own set of unique abilities and death moves.

128 Enormous Custom Sized Playing Cards

Spire's End is played on the largest cards you've ever seen. 6.5 x 3.5 inches.

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The 2nd Printing Arrives Late Spring 2021

 Spire’s End is a solo and cooperative card game that hearkens back to the gamebooks of the ’80s with enemy encounters, interactive story-driven scenarios, and high-end art and design.  It’s a unique gaming experience without a lot of baggage.


Simple set-up, intuitive rules and minimal components. No DM, no bookkeeping or character sheet. Just you, an oversized deck of cards, dice and cube markers.


The 8th Playable Character is Coming

to Spire's End!

Details Coming Soon



"I'm going to go so far as to say, if you are listening to this podcast and didn't back Spire's End back in the day, you done goofed! You should regret that decision for the rest of your gaming experience." 

Jesse Anderson - The Quackalope Podcast


Your Allies

You have an Ally Deck with 7 adventurers (7 chances) to face the countless dangers of the spire. From this deck you will randomly pick 2 starting Allies. But be warned, your path is paved in blood. If they die, and they will, you will randomly select another Ally to take their place.

This is a six-chapter story, each of which includes a major encounter, loot, choices, dice chucking and more!

It will require both skill and luck.

To your right is Rangitaki, one of those brave adventurers!


Face off with what lurks below...

It’s the grisly tale of a strange tower that emerges in the heart of a bustling Viking city. The townsfolk have vanished. It’s up to you to mount a rescue and unravel the mystery.


You move through the game like a book. But in this case, it’s a stack of ominous cards. Flip them over, make difficult choices and let the story unfold.

My goal was to make this game with as few components as possible without taking away from the gaming experience. It’s a clean minimalistic approach to an in-depth adventure.



A Solo Player Card Game Adventure

Kickstarter in 2021

Hildegard is a single player card game set in the world of Spire’s End. Over the years I've grown fond of Hildegard -- one of the main characters from the first game.  This is her story.

After the dark descent into the Spire, I felt like a change of pace. With Hildegard, I can do that. I've left behind the cold and the dark for something vibrant and warm.

Spire’s End: Hildegard is a stand-alone story that can be played with or without any knowledge of the previous Spire's End game.

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