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Rangitaki on her own adventure!

Spire’s End: Rangitaki is the next installment in the Spire's End series. Not unlike Hildegard, this game unveils the untold story of Rangitaki, another pivotal party member from Spire's End.


Rangitaki is a solo choose-your-path card game that can be enjoyed with or without prior experience with the Spire's End games. It consists of three chapters, each composed of 100 Tarot-sized cards (300 total). There's minimal setup and no need for extensive statistics or bookkeeping. To play, you just begin at the top of the card deck and let the journey unfold!

Rangitaki is set in a swashbuckling fantasy world. It’s charming, beautiful, violent, and unquestionably unique. You won’t find another game like this anywhere.

Spire’s End: Rangitaki is being developed by Gregory Favro & Christian Thomas with Illustrations by Diego Frias & Charlie Potter.

Starting Card.png

The Story, Setting, & Mood

Spire’s End: Rangitaki invites you to accompany Rangitaki on a desperate escape from her home raided by a mysterious enemies with a dark secret. On this adventure, you'll explore idyllic sandy shores, savor hand-crafted tiki cocktails with mermaids, engage in conversations with shrunken heads, delve into the mysteries of dark magic, and flee from gigantic carnivorous creatures.

Although the enchantments and mystery of the Spire's End: Rangitaki are hard to resist. You must be warned! This is a dark and twisted tale of untold dangers and certain death!

Navigating your way through the story is straightforward, intuitive, and comfortably familiar to those who've ventured into Spire's End before. You'll be presented with a deck of numbered cards featuring choices, each of which leads you to other cards. 

There's no backtracking or running in circles. On a play through you always move forward.

Ruki Sample SM.png

The Game Board & Encounters

In a first for the Spire's End series, encounters will unfold on a game board. Here, you'll engage in rounds of straightforward, light tactical skirmishes and events governed by intuitive rules. The aim of these encounters is to propel the story forward with fast, surprising, and dangerous events. 

Rogue Gallery.png

The Enemy

Chapter 1 has 5 unique encounters. Each with its own specific goals, bonuses, and secrets to uncover! Above is a look at some of the enemies you may face from Chapter 1. There will be many more, with different themes and aesthetics in forthcoming Chapters 2 and 3..




A Solo Choose Your Path Card Game


A Closer Look

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