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Rangitaki on her own adventure!

Spire’s End: Rangitaki is our next installment to the lineup. Not unlike Hildegard, this game unveils the untold story of Rangitaki, another pivotal party member from Spire's End and her journey to SeaCrest on the day of the eclipse.


It’s a stand-alone choose-your-path card game set in the world of Spire's End.


It will carry on the thematic traditions and philosophies of the previous games. This narrative-driven story will unfold one card at a time in a new setting with another core character from Spire’s End.


​Minimal Components & Bookkeeping. No DM. No Character Sheets.


Spire’s End: Rangitaki is being developed by Gregory Favro & Christian Thomas with Illustrations by Diego Frias & Charlie Potter.

Starting Card.png

The Story, Setting, & Mood

Spire’s End: Rangitaki will follow our heroine on her daring escape from an island attacked by cannibals.

Rangitaki's story features a vibrant tropical palette of exotic locales like Makana Beach, Coral Cove, and Point Fear, but don't let its beauty fool you! This is a dark tale, fraught with danger.

For each game, we set out with the same core principles, but try and bring a new tone into the mix.


Spire's End is a lonely, stark, oftentimes vague dungeon crawl, meant to evoke the mood of Zork and old-school text/point-and-click adventures. Hildegard was a light and breezy autumn road trip, something you can curl up with on a rainy afternoon with a warm cup of coffee.


Rangitaki is our version of Apocalypto set in a swashbuckling fantasy world inspired by Tiki Culture. It's funny, beautiful, violent, and unquestionably unique.

You won't find a game similar to this one, not anywhere. So, when the time comes fix up your finest tiki cocktail, and let's have some fun!


A Choose Your Path Card Game

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